Recruitment & QoS

Anjaneyap deploys a systematic approach to attracting and recruiting the best talent. We believe that our client simply deserve the best and with this belief as the focal point we have structured our Key Quality Controls towards successfully attracting and recruiting the right talent for our client needs. The key quality control aspects are:

Exhaustive Database and Experience

Our recruiters come with years of Industry experience. They have mantained a database of ‘passive’ resources and know with accuracy about their availability and other circumstances that apply to individuals. Our recruiters are able to source from the database and not just dependent on Job Boards.

Understanding the Requirement

No two requirements are exactly same. We understand that every Client environment is different. We take time to study and understand your business, IT infrastructure, Work environment and other finer details. We invest in our clients to understant the work environment and needs. This understanding helps us be more informed while recruiting and hence enable us to attract the best talent

Screening / Candidate selection

Our value added service is just not limited to thoroughly screening the consultants technically, but we also make sure that other aspects are well taken care of to ensure best usage of your time.

Our candidate screening is a multi level, multi point approcah.


  • » Communication and Experience Evaluation
  • » Host video conference
  • » Conduct technical and behavourial evaluation. We have signed up with 3rd party providers like Brainbench and ProveIT to administer such evaluations.
  • » Conduct detail reference checks

Open Communication

Our communication channel does not stop at successful placement. We consistently communicate with our Clients and Resources to ensure smooth functioning.