Delivery Models

Anjaneyap offers flexible delivery models that can be adapted to your specific business requirements. Depending on how well a project is defined, you may engage Anjaneyap’s services on a Fixed Price or Time & Material agreement for the duration of the project. Anjaneyap also helps the client with significant and predictable resource needs to set up a captive center on a BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) arrangement.

Our typical engagement models are:

On-site Consulting:

We possess an extremely talented pool of technical personnel with varied industry experience and excellent behavioral skills. From this pool, we offer contracting offerings to strengthen the developmental efforts of clients across a broad spectrum of platforms, applications, and developmental tools. Depending upon the skill requirements of the clients, services of suitable engineers can be made available on a Time & Material Basis.


We have an exhaustive database of qualified resources that are made available to our clients in India on an India-to-India model. These are typical Time & Material engagements.

Off-shore Development:

End-to-end execution through a global delivery model that would, depending upon requirements, include off-shore development coupled with on-site work.

Dedicated Development Center:

Managed Development Facility or Dedicated Development Center, whereby Anjaneyap forms the project team including the project management staff, setting-up equipment and infrastructure based on client’s requirements. The model offers the customer flexibility to adapt the size of the team with the workloads and facilitates phased ramp-up. More importantly, it also helps you ‘drive’ the project while containing the development costs.