Engagement Model

Anjaneyap Global provides end-to-end consulting services using client-centric Global Engagement Model that offers the optimal mix of senior local resources with the cost, scale, and quality advantages of offshore operations for each of our clients. These models offer the opportunity to accelerate outsourcing higher along the collaborative value chain.

Engagement models suit an intermediated business model, with a clear value proposition for an onsite business partner and an offshore team. The objective of any engagement model would be to provide a virtual team to the system integrator while adjusting the level of commitment, level of control, investment required and the cost savings generated through offshore economics to optimum levels for the situation at hand. Enterprises can expect to receive:

  • » Client intimacy – our primary focus is on spending time with our clients to understand and address their specific needs
  • » Technology expertise – delivered through our Centers of Excellence
  • » Fewer clients; more attention – we focus on the quality of client relationships, not the quantity of transactions

We believe that quality is not just about operational efficiency. It is built upon people, relationships, and skills like meeting timelines, reducing costs, ensuring transparency of processes, identifying the right tools for building solutions, and the optimum utilization of resources.

How we do it?

We work collaboratively with our clients. Anjaneyap establishes partnerships (not client-vendor relationships). We rely on existing customer staff to interact directly with a vendor’s global delivery team. This not only reduces the ramp-up costs for both vendor and customer but also helps in processes with methodology and workforce, enabling more flexibility in sourcing talent globally. Throughout every engagement, we observe the following guidelines:

  • » Engage our experts to work directly with the client.
  • » Keep quality and cost always in focus — We focus on delivering it right the first time making first impression as the best one.
  • » Ensure client participation throughout the engagement cycle.
  • » Set up team- right person for right job- checks and balances in our systems and processes to ensure quality and timely deliveries by maintaining focus, quality, speed and TAT.